Hidden Vaults

A regular safe provides protection using brute strength alone. A hidden safe is designed to protect your valuables usingA hidden safe discretely concealed behind a pool cue rack both subterfuge and physical strength. While a typical safe is an instant target for theives, a hidden safe should never have to test it's metal but is always ready to do so.

Each of our hidden safes is custom made specifically for your home. Often they will be odd shapes and sizes to take advantage of un-used dead space. They may be as small as 20"x20" or as large as a room. Our safes come standard with fire protection and may be customized in many ways including bullet proofing, lighting, and humidifiers.

Because we custom make each safe it's good to think about the valuable you would like to protect but might not think about with a normal safe. Besides papers, jewelry, and cash a hidden safe is excellent for family heirlooms, silver, paintings or art, collectables, gun collections, furs, and even you and your family. Does your security system have a DVR? How is the harddrive protected?

The possibilities are endless. Call today for a free consultation.

Stealth plus strength equals peace of mind.