Secret Drawers

A secret drawer safe from Hidden Spaces is the ultimate combination of security anA closed secret drawerd convenience. Constructed from 10 gauge steel and weighing 40 lbs it’s built to withstand attack yet ingeniously concealed so it will never have to.

The drawer is specially designed to protect jewelry, cash, passports, handguns, and other small valuables which don’t need to be laying about. We hide it so well even your family wont know it’s there unless you tell them yet it can be opened in about a second. No fumbling for combinations or keys, simply activate the hidden switch(es) and, like magic, out pops your drawer.

Each drawer is custom installed in your home, boat, or RV to meet your needs and the idiosyncrasies of your home. Installation can be in an existing location, a piece of furniture, or as part of new cabinets or a remodel. You’d be surprised by how many possibilities there are. No two installations are the same.

These undetectable drawers are the ultimate combination of security and convenience.